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All proceeds go to two different causes we support. These organizations support underprivileged people in India, from babies to the elderly.


Located in Bangalore, Karnataka, Sai Gurukul School is a English medium school for children in grades from Pre-K to 9th. The school has 460 students in total. Along with free education, they provide all students with breakfast and lunch. Additionally, they provide healthcare with free medicine from Sai Dhanvantri Allopathic Clinic.


Udavum Karangal, an organization located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is known for being the helping hands to people of all ages that are in need. This center provides care for anyone from new born babies to the elderly; the assistance offered by this institute includes treatment, rehabilitation, and education. Udavum Karangal is run by a man named Mr. Vidyaakar who has improved the lives of over 50,000 in the past 34 years.

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