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We enjoy creating a new kind of art that we call 3D Madhubani paintings. These paintings bring together the ancient Indian art of Madhubani paintings with modern 3D-pen art. Pictures of our paintings appear in our portfolio page. We donate proceeds from sales of this art to schools for underprivileged children. By buying one of our paintings, you are helping provide for a child' education, or an adults rehabilitation.


The 3D pen is used to create various types of 3D objects. The pen has an electric heater that melts plastic and comes out of the pen’s nozzle which can be drawn in any direction. The plastic dries almost immediately and can stand up straight on its own. Since the first pen came out there have been many templates online for various creations for beginners to use. The 3D pen has created its own art category – one of the newest ones – where you can bring your ideas to life in three dimensions.


Madhubani art is a traditional folk art style that originated in Bihar, India about 2500 years ago. This art style dates back to the Ramayana Era, a period of time famous in Hinduism.  Legend states that the villagers gathered together to decorate the walls with this art style during the wedding of Lord Rama, and incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and Sita, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. This art form is used to depict various symbols, Gods, and scenes in Hindu mythology. In the past, people used twigs, powdered rice, and other items found in nature to create paintings. In more recent times, people have started using acrylic paints and sharpies to create similar depictions. 

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